Miss in-person connections at online events?

Our virtual immersive events lets your attendees walk around in a 3D generated event space and interact with each other like they would in person

Does your virtual event feel like a solo performance?

Zoom Fatigue?

Video conferencing is an integral part of online events, but too many video meetings can lead to Zoom fatigue

Lack of participant engagement?

Huddl helps you bring people together like never before, leading to a better user experience and increased revenue

Isolated and Disconnected?

With Huddl you can recreate the energy of an in-person event by allowing attendees to have natural, spontaneous interactions in a three-dimensional space.

Huddl makes you feel connected again

A Fresh and Fun Way to Connect

Huddle let's you easily walk in and out of conversations just like in a physical space

Improve Engagement & Interactions

Your interactions and engagements are not limited to a Zoom-type 2D tile...


Less meetings and more conversations

Just walk over to your teammate or attendees to ask a quick question or just say ‘hi!’.


Build your team's culture

Keep the conversation flowing by spliting off into small groups.
Hang out with your team at lunches or happy hours - the possibilities are endless

Let us level up your events today!

Upgrade to a Better Way of Connecting

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